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Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test for Dogs is Now Available in Europe

Antech announced their Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test is now available in Europe. This in-clinic blood test works by measuring circulating nucleosomes, providing a rapid, accurate, targeted cancer screening tool for high-risk breeds and older dogs with a detection rate of over 75% for common cancers like lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma. Nu.Q® enables veterinarians and pet owners to make informed decisions about cancer care more quickly, adding valuable information to wellness exams and regular check-ups.

Dr. Maximiljan W. Krauss, Dipl. ECVS from the Tierklink Düsseldorf Animal Hospital used Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test first-hand during the pilot phase and explained: “At our clinic, we see around 1500 cases of cancer in dogs a year. Lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma are the most common type of cancer we see affecting dogs as young as five years old. Thanks to Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test and their Element i+ in-house analyzer, we have a fast and accurate means to screen for cancer, which helps us intervene early and choose the best possible care pathway for every patient. At the end of the day, early interventions can make a real difference to a dog’s quality of life and the time they have to spend with their family.”

According to the press release, Nu.Q® will be available in the UK as part of the European launch. You can visit their website for more information. 

The Waltham Petcare Science Institute - Mars Petcare’s science center and home of Antech diagnostics - has been advancing science for 60 years with its expertise across diagnostics, data, and technology to improve outcomes and better understand pet health. 


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