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Morris Animal Foundation Propels Hemangiosarcoma Research Thanks to Generous Donations

a puppy and a senior dog play in a field

Nan Stuart, Morris Animal Foundation Supporter, lost five golden retrievers from Hemangiosarcoma, including her last companion - Koaster - leading her to generously donate to the Hemangiosarcoma Initiative, a multi-year, multimillion-dollar endeavor launched in October 2022 and dedicated to funding proposals and resources. The Initiative was born after the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study showed that of 78% of cancer-related deaths in dogs, 70% are from HSA. The Foundation will support studies with a high potential for translation to clinical practice for diagnosis, therapeutic approaches, and genomic prediction. 

Stuart constantly helps improve the breed's health by being proactive with investigation, having enrolled seven sibling puppies in the Lifetime Study and the Golden Oldies as well.  

Ryan Welch, Morris Animal Foundation Interim President and CEO, urges on how important community is to combat the disease: “Through collective efforts and generous support from donors like Nan, we strive to improve the lives of our canine companions and advance veterinary medicine. 

The Bearded Collie Club of America Charitable Trust also made a generous donation to the Initiative this month, adding to a total of over 330.000 dollars granted since 2012.  

The Trust, which has been supporting canine health, rescue initiatives, education, and research projects since its formation 16 years ago, has been particularly passionate about Hemangiosarcoma. 

The donation will go to the research team at Purdue University to revolutionize early diagnosis and tumor behavior prediction, potentially improving survival rates for dogs. 

The Bearded Collie Club of America Charitable Trust's commitment to advancing health care and cancer prevention for their beloved dogs is evident in its support for the Morris Animal Foundation's extensive cancer research efforts.       

Whether through financial contributions, regardless of size, enrolling your puppies in clinical trials, or simply offering support to organizations in any capacity, contributing to research efforts will aid in discovering the necessary tools to conquer Hemangiosarcoma.


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