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Morris Animal Foundation Funds Research to Combat Hemangiosarcoma

a golden retriever

In a significant stride toward closing gaps in hemangiosarcoma detection and treatment, Morris Animal Foundation is generously backing six groundbreaking research endeavors. These projects encompass various angles to prevent, diagnose, and treat this life-threatening canine cancer.

Dr. Erin Dickerson, University of Minnesota – Investigating the role of hemangiosarcoma subtypes in influencing treatment efficacy for affected dogs.

Dr. Andrea Pires dos Santos, Purdue University – Pioneering research on the feasibility of using microRNAs as an early detection tool for hemangiosarcoma.

Dr. Jong Hyuk Kim, University of Florida – Exploring the impact of a genetic mutation that occurs in approximately one-third of dogs diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, with the goal of developing innovative therapies.

Dr. Frances Chen, University of Massachusetts – Devising statistical breeding models to reduce the incidence of hemangiosarcoma within dog breeds.

Dr. Jiho Kim, Protein Advances Incorporated Life Sciences – Investigating the presence of specific proteins in hemangiosarcoma tumors, which may serve as potential therapy targets.

Dr. Alexandre Le Roux, Schwarzman Animal Medical Center – Pioneering a technique called single-cell RNA sequencing to identify unique surface markers in canine hemangiosarcoma cells, a crucial step toward the development of precise radiation therapy.

Keep an eye on for further updates on these cutting-edge studies, all of which are pivotal in the fight against canine hemangiosarcoma. Together, we're making strides in understanding and combating this deadly disease.


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