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Hemangiosarcoma Study Investigating Possible Genetic Markers

The Morris Animal Foundation is supporting a study to find genetic markers that may increase a dog's susceptibility to the condition.  

a dog and its veterinarian

As reported by Today's Veterinary Business, researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands are tracking over 3,000 dogs using data from the foundation's Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, which examines dietary, environmental, lifestyle, and genetic risk factors in golden retrievers. 

Statistics claim that in 75% of deaths in dogs that are a consequence of cancer, hemangiosarcoma causes 70% of them; having access to unique biological samples and data can hopefully signify a better understanding of the disease. The purpose is to identify DNA mutations that could cause it.

Kim M. Boerkamp, BVMS, and the study's co-principal investigator hope the findings can aid in developing new therapies to battle the prognosis.


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