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Canine Cancer Test Assurances Precise and Fast Results From In-Situ Hemangiosarcoma Screening

Antech, a veterinary diagnostics company, has launched its Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test at the annual VMX meeting this January.

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The blood test will operate on Antech's Heska Element i+® Immunodiagnostic Analyzer, providing rapid, accurate, low-cost, and practical on-site testing to improve patient outcomes. Nu.Q® measures circulating nucleosomes, supporting earlier cancer detection on dogs and delivering results in about 6 minutes to assist with clinical decision-making. 

The test requires a small amount of plasma from a patient, and studies have shown >70% detection rates when used for cancers, including hemangiosarcoma. The test can be carried out by veterinarians during annual check-ups, wellness exams, healthcare interventions, or cancer treatment cycles.

Dr. Jimmy Barr, DVM, DACVECC, Chief Medical Officer at Antech, part of Mars Petcare's Science & Diagnostics division, remarked on the importance of accurate, patient-side tests like the Nu.Q® that detour from the inconvenience of transporting samples to scan.  

The Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test is supplied to Antech's Heska affiliate under license by Belgian Volition SRL. Antech's Science & Diagnostics division is dedicated to improving outcomes in pet health, combining leading pet health science with expertise across diagnostics, data, and technology.


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