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Antech Presents AI-powered Radiology And Targeted Cancer Screening Devices To Help Canine Cancer Diagnosis

Antech, a company specializing in veterinary diagnostics for wellness and disease, has released two innovative diagnostic tools to support clinical decision-making to better the outcome of patients.

a golden retriever waits while a vet technician examines an x ray

The first is AIS RapidRead®, which uses AI to deliver reliable imaging technology ready to be read in minutes to provide an immediate radiology second opinion. This technology - developed by 20+ board-certified radiologists and a team of data scientists - was trained on the largest library of animal images and has already been reviewed in over 5,000 cases during a 2023 pilot program, helping in early detection, enhancing canine cancer diagnosis, and managing workflows.

Also, they communicated the availableness of their Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test, a rapid, accurate, targeted cancer screening tool for high-risk breeds and older dogs presented this January at the annual VMX meeting. The test is cost-effective and performed by veterinarians in-clinic during checkups or wellness exams. It needs only a bit of plasma for screening and shows results in under six minutes, enabling veterinarians and pet owners to make informed decisions about cancer more quickly. Studies have shown >75% detection rates for common cancers in dogs like lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma when using Nu.Q®.

The Waltham Petcare Science Institute - Mars Petcare’s science center and home of Antech diagnostics - has been advancing science for 60 years with its expertise across diagnostics, data, and technology to improve outcomes and better understand pet health.


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