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A New Vaccine To Prevent Eight Types of Cancer Is Close to Enter the Market

In a pivotal moment in the fight against cancer, Calviri, Inc., a spin-out of the Biodesign Institute at the Arizona State University under CEO Stephen Johnston, Ph.D., has introduced a novel cancer vaccine that has shown promise in preventing eight types of cancer in dogs.

a woman hugging a dog because of new cancer vaccine

The vaccine has been developed through years of meticulous research and leveraging cutting-edge DNA technology, targeting specific neoantigens produced by tumors and teaching the immune system to recognize and combat cancer cells effectively as soon as they arise.

Preliminary results from their ongoing Vaccination Against Canine Cancer Study (VACCS), which enrolls 800 dogs and is currently in the advanced stage of clinical trials, are encouraging. They showed a significant reduction in tumor development in about 65 percent of vaccinated dogs. The vaccine also inadvertently led to a more than 50% reduction in the incidence of non-cancer chronic diseases, such as arthritis and metabolic diseases, due to an immune response against senescent cells.

Despite the vaccine's substantial impact on several cancer types, challenges remain while dealing with hemangiosarcoma. Johnston is optimistic, citing the possibility of adjusting the vaccine's components in future trials to address the disease. No safety concerns have been raised, underscoring the vaccine's potential as a safe preventive measure against canine cancer.

Calviri is committed to making the vaccine accessible and affordable, positioning it as a game-changer in veterinary care and a beacon of hope for pet owners worldwide. Pending USDA approval, the vaccine's launch will represent a hopeful and significant advance in canine health.


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