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Groundbreaking Insights on Hemangiosarcoma! and VetVine have partnered for Canine Cancer Awareness Month in November to offer you free, exclusive access to a valuable resource.


Dr. Chand Khanna shares promising results from an ongoing nationwide study on hemangiosarcoma and highlights novel therapies for the treatment of this challenging disease.  Get your exclusive access to Dr. Chand Khanna's Video below.

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About Dr. Chand Khanna's Video:

Dr. Chand Khanna, an accomplished veterinary specialist in internal medicine and oncology, has dedicated his career to advancing the field of oncology, particularly in the context of hemangiosarcoma in dogs.  Dr. Khanna, a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Oncology, has significantly contributed to cancer research and therapy with over 100 publications in the field. 

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